it’s going to be a glorious morning so I’m up early tidying, food prepping and exercising so by 9am I can get into my garden and stitch some EPP !

Crazy madness around me but I’ll be happy in the knowledge that the food is ready to pull out later and I can enjoy my Sunday too !

Solace dans la jardin

The garden is a place of peace in our world. Many birds visit. This week tawny owl, wood pecker (green) red kites, long tailed tits, and the usual crew of robins, blackbirds, blue and great tits and green and chaffinches. SUNFLOWER seeds they seek…completely disregarding any other treats we may lace our green space with.

Just the feel of the sunshine, the lack of interruption and the caring for the beautiful living inhabitants brings a feeling of comfort at this difficult time.